VISA変更許可申請       在留資格変更許可申請 VISA change permission application
The foreigner having a residence status can receive the change of the residence status which the person has.


The foreigner who is going to receive a change must apply for a change by a procedure to determine in legal affairs departmental order.
An example: Studying abroad employment, short stay marriage, technical management, management, Japanese spouse permanent resident

The Minister of Justice can admit this only for time with the enough considerable reason if I recognize the change of the residence status as appropriateness by the document which the foreigner concerned submitted.

If it is not the thing based on unavoidable special circumstances, about the application of the person to reside in with the residence status of "the short stay", I do not admit it.

I need in particular attention when I change my job. I may be forced to returning home if it becomes the suppression.

※特例期間 Exception period
When disposal for the application is not done by an expiration day during the residence period with the residence status which the foreigner concerned has at the time of application in (I remove the case that included application from the person that residence periods less than 30 days were decided.) when there is application of the update during a residence status change, a residence period, the foreigner concerned follows it during until either early day on a day passing in two months from on the day when the disposal concerned is done after the expiration during the residence period or a day of the expiration during the conventional residence period and can reside in this country with the residence status concerned.

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